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Catherine M. Albano

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Although the publishing industry has been a vital part of her life since her parents read to her that first bedtime story (she was hooked on books from that point on), Catherine formally joined its ranks in 1988 as an art trainee at CMP Publications. The art trainee program provided a springboard to a production editor position with InformationWeek magazine. As a production editor, Catherine composed pages electronically and worked closely with the managing editor, art director, and reporters to ensure deadlines were met.

Upon relocation to the Rochester, NY area, Catherine began working with Logical Operations in 1991 as a composition specialist. Logical Operations, a computer training company, published its own student and instructor manuals. As a composition specialist, Catherine entered editorial changes, indexed manuscripts, and prepared the manuals for press. In 1995, Catherine became a layout specialist at Logical Operations, formatting manuscripts, illustrating figures, testing the data integrity of the manuals' accompanying CD, and preparing files for press.

Later that year, two positions became available at Logical Operations. Catherine took the editing and writing tests and was offered both positions. After much deliberation and looking toward the future, she accepted the technical editor position. After two years of practical, exceptional editorial guidance in a supportive and motivational work environment, Catherine decided to leave Logical Operations due to family obligations and begin working for herself. In 1997 she launched her freelance career, and has managed a successful business ever since.

As a freelancer, Catherine has been able to work on a multitude of topics with various clients. Although she has been writing informally for as long as she could hold a pencil, Catherine finally began writing professionally after joining Demand Media Studios in 2009. In 2014, Catherine was hired by Eagle Productivity Solutions to write content for a client's software training program. Months later, she was assigned a content lead position, providing training content to international affiliates.